How to Look Taller With The Things You Already Own

The desire to look taller is not unreasonable now and then. Latest trends do not always favour the short legs. Yet it does not stops us to showcase our love for fashion. Dress appropriately, What do they mean when they say that? It means nobody is perfect but if dressed in proportion to one’s body type they can steal the show. And here is how you can look taller with a few dressing tricks you must try.

1. Dress

Wear a high waisted dress, Panelled dress, Sheath dress, Shift dress and A-Line dress to look taller. Avoid wearing tent dresses and low waisted dresses. If you have any ditch them. Wear small print designs.

2. Top 

V-neck and turtleneck tops and dresses instantly elongate your frame. It draws attention to your upper body. Avoid loose t-shirts, shirts and tops. Wear well-fitted clothes. Fold your shirt sleeves when you are wearing long sleeves.

3. Jackets

Wear short jackets. Leave long coats and jackets alone. They will make you look shorter.

4. Bottoms

High waisted denim and trousers give the illusion of long legs. And if your trousers are concealing your shoes than it is going to make you look even taller. Avoid wearing short pants instead wear shorts or skirts that lie above the knee.

5. Accessories

Choose them wisely. less is better when it comes to looking taller. Small rings, chains, earrings will add to your overall look. Wear skinny belts with small buckles. Avoid too many colours while choosing accessories. Keep it simple.

6. Shoes

Wear pointed heels. They give the illusion of long legs. Wearing flatforms under your trousers also add extra inches to your frame. Avoid sandals with ankle strap.

7. Bags

Carry small handbags and clutches. Larger bags can dwarf petite body.

8. Patterns/Prints

Vertical stripes and small prints work best to appear taller. Avoid large block print shirt. Wear a small floral print dress.

9. Hair Style

Keep them short. If you don’t want to cut them down then wear high ponytails.

10. Colors

Wear any colour you want. Just avoid many colours at one time.

Tips to remember:
  1. Love yourself. The dressing is an accessory to your personality.
  2. Walk straighter.
  3. Never stand/walk with your shoulder slumped.
  4. One’s right is someone’s wrong. So experiment and wear whatever suits you best.

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