Steaming – One Stop Solution To Skin Problems

A basic steam involves nothing but water (H2O) that oxygenate your skin. Steaming is an economical and effective way to promote deep cleansing and better blood circulation to promote healthy glowing skin. While you like the luxury of a spa for a facial, it can be done in the cocoon of your own home.

Why Steam Facial?

Steaming is one of the easiest ways to get glowing problem free skin.No overnight skin masks and gels – Just steam, infused or plain. A steam facial is a no-fuss overall treatment to rejuvenate your skin in no time. And why is that?

  • No cost beauty regime
  • Cleanses your pores deeply
  • Open clogged pores that contribute to Acne & Blackheads
  • Makes skin more receptive to skin care treatments
  • Removes toxins from skin through sweat

Moreover, it enhances blood circulation in the skin that brings more oxygen and nutrition into the tissue. Skin becomes healthy looking.

  • Steaming clears excess oil from the skin, a blessing for oily skin. It reduces chances of getting acne caused by comedones inflammation.
  • It hydrates dry skin and makes it more receptive of moisturizers.

Clogged pores are the main contributor to acne breakout that leads to infection and irritation. Steam opens the clogged pores and cleanses the skin. Our skin naturally produces sebum to protect skin from dehydration. But when sebum trapped in hair follicle it becomes blackhead. And when it gets inflamed, an acne breakout occurs. A facial steam helps with this kind of acne breakout.

How To Do Steam Facial?

There are 3 methods for steam facial:

  1. A facial Steamer

    Buy a facial steamer if you like a convenient method of steaming. They are easy to use and clean after facial.

    These facial steamers give more steam than other steaming methods. That makes it more important, how much steam is good to steam? Keep your face at least 30 cm away from steamer while taking steam to avoid skin burn.

  2. Steaming Water Bowl

    The only additional thing you need to do in this method is to boil a bowl of water to make steam.

    Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice or green tea leaves to enhance the facial experience. Cover your head and bowl with a towel for steaming.

  3. Warm Towel Steaming

    Similar to steaming bowl, boil water in a bowl.
    Dip a clean towel in bearable hot water, wring it out, squeeze it and place it over your face like a mask.

Steps Of Steam Facial

  1. Cleansing

    Start with a clean face. Wash your face before steaming to remove dirt and makeup to avoid clogging of pores further. Steaming open pores and make it easier to extract blackheads, whiteheads and pimples after steaming.

  2. Exfoliate

    It is an optional step. The sensitive and acne-prone skin should avoid exfoliating as not to exaggerate existing acne.
    Exfoliate your skin in gentle circular motion with a mild scrub, focusing around the T-Zone.

  3. Steaming

    After cleansing, choose any above method to take steam. Steaming causes sweat and removes the toxins from the skin. It softens and prepares the skin for skincare treatments.
    Here is the trick for Acne-prone skin beauties, while you should avoid scrub, scrubbing is essential to remove dead skin cells. After steaming, take a clean face towel and very gently wipe your face. Take steam again. Steaming softens the dead skin cells. So, you don’t have to scrub your face raw to remove them.

  4. Mask

    Skin is prepared to take all the goodness a face mask has to offer. It will allow a deeper penetration of face mask and other solution for a much healthier looking skin.
    Choose a mask for your need: Oily skin – Clay mask, Acne-prone – Charcoal mask, Dry skin – Oil/Cream face mask, Sensitive skin – Clay mask/Green tea

  5. Moisturizer

    Lock the skin hydration with moisturizer. Choose the right moisturizer for you according to your skin type. It will protect skin and promote healthy skin cells underneath. It is the right time to use your spot treatment and other skin treatments.

Tips to remember:

  1. Keep a safe distance from steam.
  2. Do steam facial not more than 10 minutes.
  3. Excessive steam can burn your skin as well as causes dryness.
  4. Steaming suits all skin types if done properly.
  5. Make sure you are not allergic to any essential oils/tea leaves and other herbs you Infuse steam water with.
  6. You can do steam facial from every day to twice a week. If frequent, do it for 2 minutes only.

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