15 Safety Devices Women Can Carry In Their Handbag

Women often carry their little world in Handbag, unaware of the self-defense devices they carry inside it. Some of them look innocent but are dangerous if used cleverly. Every day we find newspaper loaded with the stories of crime against women.  

And does it ever crosses your mind that could it have been avoided? In some incidences, Yes! or at least Tried. We can’t expect crime to go-poof in the thin air with the snap of our finger. Because it only has increased in past few years and has become a prominent issue of discussion around the world.  

women need to be more perceptive for their safety. We have listed some items that you might find in your handbag already and if not go get some. Because, if not anything it’ll give you some peace of mind that you have something with you to defend yourself.

1. Pen/ Pencil

Almost every student and working women carry this in their back pack or purses. They look simple but enough to put an eye out of your attacker. So, use it to your advantage.

2. Car Keys

Car key, Scooter key, Locker key is a sharp object that everybody carries in their pant pockets. A hit to the eye or throat can cause great pain and buy you some time to flee.

3.  Manicure Scissor/ Paper cutting Scissor

Beauty to Beast! Yes! It’s not just too beautiful your nail but It can inflict a great damage to the eye or throat and to chest if hit with force.

4. Nail file

Only a metal nail file will do in the rough situation. So, if you are carrying one then carry a Metal One.

5. Hair Pins

Wooden/Metal hair stick is as good as a pencil. A direct hit to eye/ Cheek/ Neck or Throat will be enough to surprise your attacker. And if you use bobby pins then use a bunch of it to jab.

6. Paper Knife/ Folding Knife

Women use the folding knife for fruits and girls keep paper knife for their work. It can be your saviour in a situation of an attack.

7. Salt

Ever imagined salt in your eyes? Well do now and keep some handy with you. In you feel threatened, throw a handful into your attacker’s face. The same you can do with chilli powder but it can backfire if the dust got into your eyes.

8. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray burns like hell if got into the eyes. The good thing about these that you don’t need physical contact with the person. So, you can use it with a good distance aiming eyes.

9. Stun Gun

Stun Gun for safety

This Incapacitating device could be your best shot with your assailant. It disables a person with an electric shock, leaving them to immobilise without killing or any permanent injury.

10. Umbrella

Here we are taking about the old-fashioned umbrella that is durable and doesn’t bend like a standard umbrella. They make an excellent self-defence weapon as the pointed head can be used as a weapon to stab someone. It can shield you if something is thrown at you.

11. Mobile Phone

Keep the emergency number on speed dial and dial if felt threatened.  A flat hit to the nose can inflict some serious damage.

12. Flash Light

A metal flash light is a good companion for who works late. A good hit in the eye, mouth, temple or groin can get you some time.

13. Hand Sanitizer

Due to 60-80% alcoholic content, it stings like crazy if gotten into the eyes.

14. Hair Spray/ Deodorant

They not just to set your frizz hair or fixing bad body odour, they can burn someone eyes too. In addition to that, you can get a good reach if you use aerosol sprays.

15. Mascara

Hit the end of mascara with full force at the temple, eye or throat of your attacker and run like hell.

16. High Heels

Some love high heels because it makes them look sexy and some despise because they are painful to walk in. And in this love-hate relationship we say, just hit your attacker’s toe with your heels and flee. You can also jab the pointed heel into eyes or throat but then you have to run barefooted.

17. Purse/ Hand Bag

Got weight in your purse? Use it to your advantage. You need strength to pull this off.

Tips to remember: 
  1. These things should always be in your hand if you are walking alone.
  2. Shout for help whenever possible.
  3. Try to stay calm to confuse your attacker and use it to your advantage. 
  4. Your main focus should only be on fleeing from your attacker.
  5. Don’t stay and fight unless you are a trained fighter.
  6. Follow the safety rules when you are going alone.

‘Stay guarded than helpless’

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