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Baga Beach

A Day At Baga Beach

A day at Baga beach. Being the most popular beach and tourist destination in north goa quite is not a word to describe Baga beach....
lighten your hair with cinnamon

Dye Your Hair 2 Shades Lighter With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that smells warm, sweet and spicy. It is famous as 'DalChini' in India. For its many skin and hair benefits,...
Benzoyl Peroxide

10 Precautions You Must Take Before Using Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide is the clinically proven treatment for mild to moderate Acne. Its effectiveness is due to its antibacterial property and its drying effect. It...
Tretinoin for melasma

The Right Way To Use Retinol For Skin Treatment

Retin-A, known as Retino-A and most commonly prescribed Tretinoin cream by dermatologists for Acne Vulgaris and other skin treatment. It is prescription only treatment. Tretinoin is a powerful...
Skin Conditions and their treatment

8 Skin Problems That You Deal With Every Day

1.  Acne Acne Vulgaris, the most common name for acne that occurs when a pore clogged with oil and dead skin cells get inflamed. Bacteria and...

Quick Home Remedies To Treat Back Pain

Across the globe, nearly 1 in 10 people suffer from aching lower back. In addition to that, according to a study, Lower back pain causes...

15 Safety Devices Women Can Carry In Their Handbag

Women often carry their little world in Handbag, unaware of the self-defense devices they carry inside it. Some of them look innocent but are...

Are Superfoods Available In Market Worth The hype?

In a health-obsessed world, we’re constantly bombarded with fad diets and buzzwords like omega 3, probiotics, Stevia, Green juicing and more — all which are thrown...

10 Easy Detox Water Recipe To Help Your Body Cleanse

Detox drinks are various fruit and vegetable beverages that help detoxify the liver by flushing out the harmful toxin. These fruits and vegetable infused...
6 self defence technique every women should know

6 Basic Self-Defense Technique Everyone Should Know

The best self-defense is Prevention. Attackers, whatever their intention, look for an unsuspecting and vulnerable target. To be safe, follow the general safety rules...

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