Know your skin type with 3 easy steps

A Quick Test That Reveals Skin Health

Most skin care products in the market say ‘ALL SKIN TYPES’. That’s hard to believe as there are 5 different types of skin.Then, how can one product be enough to meet 5 different demands? Skin type is different so are their needs. It’s important that you know your skin type to use the right skin care products for that radiant skin you always dreamed about. First, take the test.

Test to know your Skin Type

1. Wash your face. Remove your makeup first with cleanser. Now wash your face with gentle face wash. Pat dry with a towel. Do not rub it on your face. This will give your face a fresh start.

2. Wait for an hour. Meantime do your chore and do not touch your face in between. This will give your face time to return to its natural state.

3. Dab your face with a tissue especially your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin). Look into a mirror while doing so.

4. Determine your skin type

  • Normal Skin feels smooth and supple even radiant. The tissue has no signs of face oil on it.
  • Dry Skin, by this time, will feel stretchy, dry or even flaky.
  • Combination Skin will have a shine on T-zone.
  • Oily Skin will leave an oil stain on your tissue. if you look into the mirror it will shine with oil
Still confused about your skin type?

know your skin type

1. Dry Skin feels stretchy with occasional rough red patches. Dry skinned people have dull complexion and almost invisible pores. It has less elasticity. So, NO googly…woogly…woosh! for them. These people should use Dry Skin Care Products that are more nourishing and thicker in consistency.

2. Normal Skin is neither too dry nor too oily. It feels smooth to touch and have barely visible pores. Normal skinned people are blessed with a radiant complexion with no or a few imperfections on their skin. Sometimes when the weather changes, normal skin do need extra care because it can incline towards oily on humid summers or dry in winters. So, Use Skin Care Products according to your needs.

3. Combination Skin has a shiny T-Zone(forehead, nose and chin) and dry/normal in others areas. Combination skin people suffer from whiteheads and blackheads because of overly dilated skin pores. More often they need two type of skin care products regarding their skin like oil free for T-zone and creamy for the dry zone.

 4. Oily Skin always shines with oil on their skin. Oily skin people have dull complexion and mostly suffers from Acne, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. They need to stay away from anything heavy or oily except a few oils that could be good for their skin. Strictly follow Oily Skin Care routine that is Non-Comedogenic.

5. Sensitive Skin reacts to skin care products very easily like an allergic reaction or easily inflamed. It is Itchy, dry and shows redness. Sensitive skin needs extra care. Most of their Skincare products are from the drug store.

Tips to remember:
  1. Skin types are different so their needs.
  2. Wrong skin care product can cause skin problems.
  3. Oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need skin care products.
  4. Use of a good SPF can save you from a lot of skin troubles.
  5. It is best to use non-comedogenic and hypo-allergic products. They are less likely to cause skin problems.

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