How To Get Back On Track With Motivation And Self-love

Every time you feel you are not up to the mark. If you’re feeling dejected by others and has started underrating yourself. Then you need to take a break for yourself and start things over again. Once you’re done licking your wounded ego, Start with a bang. And for that, you need to get out of your cocoon first and be relentless because no one can do it for you. You are the only one who can motivate yourself. So, start finding your motivation.

Here are some things that can help you find yourself again:

1. Travel – The biggest thing you can do for yourself is to pack your bags and go around the world. From beaches to hills, whatever gives you the peace.It can be the time you can search your inner core for things it craves. Take your true friend with you or go solo.

2. Help someone – Help someone in need. You don’t have to look around. He/she could be anyone – a road side beggar, a hungry child, an old lady crossing the road or simply offering your seat to the old couple.Little things count like helping someone. Inner peace is what you need to truly find yourself.

3. Get a pet – Pets can be your best friend in your dejected times if you are not allergic to one. Personally, I love dogs, because they are a far better observer and can sense your emotions to know you are in need of a friend.To get charged just watch your pet fooling around or play with him/her to lift your spirit. Fishes and cats also make awesome buddies of your gloomy days.

4. Treat yourself – Get out of your cocoon and treat yourself with whatever you love to eat. Some go with sweet and some with hot & spicy to lift their mood.It’s not about food, it’s about giving yourself what you crave to feel good about yourself.

5. Prim yourself – I’m not saying you don’t look good but adding a little dash of your personality can surely boost your mood.Go shopping. After all, it’s all about feeling good about you.

6. Listen to music – Music is the connection to one’s soul, heart, and mind. There is nothing that music can’t convey.Listen to classical, soul lifting soothing music. Instrumental music works best for concentration and inspiration. In the end, it’s your choice what you want to listen except sad music.

7. Look around yourself – You don’t have to look around too hard for inspiration as you see people conquering odds every day. Don’t desperately go hunting for inspirational ideas or quotes on the internet.It comes within. When you made peace with yourself and no more beating yourself for the things that went wrong. It’ll come.

8. Go creative – Read books of your choice. Then again leave sad stories out of your list. Draw things if you can. Write ideas that come to your mind because with every new idea you’re likely to forget the previous one.
Play games, watch videos of nature and animals. Capture pictures with your camera. Try new things to know what inspires you most.

9. Hold your horses – Once you get the essence of your ideas, hold onto it. Think about it but don’t stress if can’t get it just right.Give it some more time and get back to it again only if it just a tiny thing you want to add.

10. Be prepared – Don’t think of quitting if things are not going as your planned because great things in life don’t come easily. What you think successful people just got it the first day they started? No. It took time. Patience is the key for everything.

11. Think Positive – Learn from your mistakes and move on is the key to being successful in life. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It goes on.If you have a habit of finding negative in everything then leave it right now. Lifesaving ideas may come from a negative thought but Inspiration comes with a positive mindset.

Tips to remember:
  1. It is okay to feel low now and then but staying dejected is not at all okay.
  2. Making peace with yourself is the key here.
  3. Don’t underrate yourself.
  4. Be honest with yourself before doing anything.
  5. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your yesterday to your present.
  6. Don’t copy others. You are unique and you just need to find your uniqueness.

 ‘Self-love is the beginning of your true romance’ 

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