Baga Beach

A Day At Baga Beach

a day at baga beach

A day at Baga beach. Being the most popular beach and tourist destination in north goa quite is not a word to describe Baga beach. It was named after the Baga creek which empties into the Arabian sea at the north end of the beach. Free spirit, good food, and nightlife, more appropriately define this active beach. Here, nights are wild and mornings lively.

The morning starts with people jogging along the seashore with ear buds on. The cleaning crew is busy cleaning the nightlife traces off the shores. Tea seller roams around on their bicycles offering a hot cup of goodness to the morning lovers who just happen to have a dip in the water.

a day at baga beach

Baga has something to offer to everyone with its fair share of shops, spa, eating joints and not to forget water sports. From temporary tattoo to permanent tattoo, this beach is full of tattoo parlors. I think beach vacations are the perfect time to get the tattoo. It just speaks to you.

As the day advances, water sports and sunbathing becomes the tourist favorite. And that is just the beginning of a lively day at Baga beach. By the midday, waves are powerful, melting sand castles deep into the sea. Lifeguard’s watchful eye on deep water keeps their whistle rolling to direct the excited visitors.  On the other side, parasailing manages to bring loud cry from the sailors who are most probably are doing it for the first time. Lifeguards do not work alone. Two beautiful dogs and a jeep grace this team with their presence.

a day at baga beach

Beach activities make you hungry. Baga doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the delicacy of beach food. Brittos, Dreamcatcher, Xavier are a few of the many food shacks on Baga beach that are worth trying for food and relaxed sunbathing. Cape town cafe is yet another good find on the Titos lane. Sher-e-Punjab is 24 hours open restaurants that provide good food.

By the end of the day, things gear up to prepare the typical nocturnal party life. Food shacks turn into dancing shacks. You can’t even hear your own voice over the loud music on shacks that tries to overtone the other. It fills you with electric energy. Sitting arrangments are good under the stars overlooking the parties on the beach. Food is ordered and served in almost no time.a day at baga beach

If all this craziness is not your type then don’t get disappointed. Titos and Mambos are for you. These are two very famous club and restaurants on the Titos lane.  While mambos entry is free for couples, Titos does charge you. You can find a little peace here with drinks and food of your choice.

Night turns into the day in no time. Visitors change but things remain the same on Baga beach. Yet another day of beauty and life, Relaxing and living. I would not shy of saying that this beach is more than just a beach with its karaoke nights, food, drinks, music, dance and beautiful sunsets. It fills you with life that you want to enjoy one more time.


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