lighten your hair with cinnamon

Dye Your Hair 2 Shades Lighter With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that smells warm, sweet and spicy. It is famous as ‘DalChini’ in India. For its many skin and hair benefits, it is used in skin and hair care treatments. It cleanses the scalp and helps in preventing hair loss, flaking and infection. It makes hair grow faster by stimulating the hair scalp. Besides, it imparts good colour and shines to the hair.

Before using cinnamon to your hair you need to know a few things:

  1. Cinnamon bleaches the hair from first use but the colour varies.
  2. Cinnamon is not meant for sensitive skin people. You need to do the patch test before using it.
  3. Black and brown hair will get a lighter shade of brown with a red tint to them that is visible in sunlight.
  4. Lighter hair will get more light with a hint of red and brown highlights.
  5. Dark hair will need more application before they get the desired hair colour.

There are as many as 3 ways to apply cinnamon in your hair. You are always open to experiments as it’s a herbal way to colour your hair. So, there are fewer odds of messing things up.

1. With Honey and Lemon

Take 2 tbs of cinnamon powder and mix it with a cup of honey to make a thick paste. If you don’t have powder then ground some cinnamon sticks to powder. For long hair, add more powder and honey. Add half lemon into the paste. Let it sit for half an hour. This will give honey some time to generate hydrogen peroxide that is strong bleaching agent.

Now, apply evenly on clean damp hair with your fingers. It is going to be messy. Leave the mixture for 2-4 hours in your hair. Wash with gentle shampoo and condition afterwards.

2.  With Hair Conditioner

Mix the cinnamon powder into the hair conditioner to make a thick paste. Now, untangle your hair and wash them thoroughly. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Apply it on damp hair with the hair brush or fingers. It will leave hair soft and shiny. You can replace conditioner with olive oil if you want to go all natural. You can also add honey for more effect.

3. For Sensitive skin 

Cinnamon can burn sensitive skin. To use cinnamon on sensitive skin, first, do a patch test by applying a mixture of cinnamon and honey at the back of your hand. Wait for 5 minutes. If it burns, wash it immediately and try other methods to colour your hair. If your skin bears it then to be on safe side try this method.

Take a bowl and soak the cinnamon stick into the water overnight. Now boil them in same water till it turns brown. Take it off the stove and let it cool. Pour it into a large bowl. Add 1tbs of honey and 1tsp of lemon juice into the water. Let it sit for few minutes.

On the safe side, wrap a towel around your neck. The easy way is to tilt your head and soak your hair in the bowl for a few seconds. squeeze the excess water from your hair and wrap a head towel on your head to secure your hair. Do not get too close to the scalp.

Before and After

3 ways to colour hair with cinnamon

Tips To Remember:

  1. Do not expect a major colour change in 1 go.
  2. More than 1 application needed to get lighter shades.
  3. Cinnamon can cause irritation or even burn hair scalp on some. Do the Patch test first.
  4. Sometimes colour is not evenly distributed.
  5. Cardamom can be used instead of cinnamon for sensitive skin people.

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