Biggest fashion trend in 2017

The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2017

From Chokers to Velvet, there are many things 2016 will be remembered. But with every new year, comes the new trends that our wardrobe embraces and shuns the older one. Comfort has taken the front seat in 2017 fashion trends. Skinny denim got the stretch and flares to make them more pleasant.

1. Khaki 

Finally, designers have found a way to turn this utilitarian material into ultimate fashion pieces. Try it in a shirt or a dress, you are good to go on a casual outing.

2. Stripes and Checks

Stripes and checks will continue in 2017. So, don’t hide your older one because it seems that they have quite a few life lines. These are not just reserved for office wear, they have taken over the dresses, skirts, suits, and sarees over the time.

The biggest fashion trends 2017

3. Cold Shoulder 

Feels like the 80’s. The off shoulder, one shoulder, and cut shoulder is the new trend of 2017. And with that bell shaped sleeves made a come back from the past.

4. Flatforms

Height under your flats, that’s like the dream come true. It is the good time for you to chuck your painful heels for these comfortable flatforms. Style them with anything you own.

5. Flared Pants

Doesn’t it feel like the old times? For me it definitely is. Flared pants and palazzo make a comeback from the past. This time with a new approach. With as many color and style, they leave no chance for you to not try them. And, the good thing, they conceal heels well adding that extra inch to your height.

Biggest fashion trends in 2017

6. Accessories 

Bigger the better is the new mantra of 2017 accessories. Take your pick and it has gone oversized in this season trends. Be it earring, choker, bags or statement necklaces, everything has gained notable size.

7. Handbags

More space to put that extra stuff you always wanted to but could not. New trend solved that size issue. Go Big, Be fashionable.

Biggest fashion trend in 2017

8. Earrings

Chuck your studs and make a statement with these enormous earrings.

Biggest fashion trend in 2017

9. Belts

They are actually never out of fashion. With the flared pants and boyfriends jeans out there, an addition of big buckle will look great on them. And a skinny belt will do great justice to those skinny dresses that just looked plain.

9. Sneakers

Plain white old sneakers are no more in fashion. They have gone glamorous with metallics, prints, and graphics.

Biggest Fashion Trend 2017

10. Colors

Pink, Yellow, Red, and Gold have dominated this season so far.

Be adventurous and fill some sunshine in your closet with these bright and subtle colors.

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