Benzoyl Peroxide

10 Precautions You Must Take Before Using Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide is the clinically proven treatment for mild to moderate Acne. Its effectiveness is due to its antibacterial property and its drying effect.

It comes in gel form in 3 concentration mainly 2.5%, 5% and 10%. It is best to use 2.5% for the first time. Research says that 2.5% is as effective as 5% and 10%. So, no need to go for higher concentration when 2.5% can achieve the same results.

It comes in soaps too with 2.5% to 5% concentration. They are good if you have acne on body i.e hands, chest and back. Acne on the back is often referred to as Bacne. Benzoyl peroxide has a good standard for treating body acne. It may be used with other acne treatment to work more effectively.  We’ll talk about that in another post.

How to Use Benzoyl Peroxide?
  1. Wash your face with a gentle face wash or a cleanser like Cetaphil gentle cleanser.
  2. Wait for a few minutes before applying BP gel. Meanwhile, apply your eye cream and moisturiser to your mouth area and around nostrils.
  3. There are two ways to apply it:
  • If you are new to benzoyl peroxide, apply a thin layer of BP gel on the affected area for 2 minutes and if it stings too much. Then wash it off with plain water. Now apply moisturiser. You can build up the time once your skin is able to tolerate the irritation.
  • For those who have tolerance to BP gel, apply a thin layer of Benzoyl peroxide and wait for 15 minutes. Apply a moisturiser in the patting motion. Don’t rub the moisturiser into your skin. An inflamed red face is common while using BP gel. If you are leaving it overnight then I suggest you should use it at night time and take care of dryness in the daytime.
As a Spot Treatment

Apply a small amount with Q-tip on the affected area if acne is not severe and 1-2 in number. Then you can apply the moisturiser. or you can apply BP gel after moisturising your face. That will be less effective than direct application but a well-controlled way to combat redness and dryness.

How does it work?

  • It works best with oral antibiotics. You can pull off better and fast results with the help of a dermatologist.
  • The first day, the face is red, dry and sensitive.
  • The second day, Drier than the previous day. Some may experience flaky skin.
  • The third day, the skin may flake and experience peeling. Sensitive to touch. Redness continues.
  • By the end of the week, you can see an improvement in your existing acne. Acne may leave dark spots, especially on olive or dark skin people. New acne can appear but will heal more quickly. You will be able to leave it on your face for a longer time.
  • By the end of the month, you will be able to tolerate the BP application on face. And, if you are able to tolerate it, then you can leave it on your face for day long.
  1. Only apply BP gel, for the time being, your skin can tolerate.
  2. Don’t forget your SPF in the daytime.
  3. You can use it in the daytime if you can do with a red face afterwards. Sometimes the redness receded after some time.
  4. Apply a good moisturiser to dry and flaky skin.
  5. Don’t apply it near the eye, mouth and nostrils area.
  6. Use it once a day if your moisturiser can’t take care of the dryness.
  7. Don’t use any other skin treatment, and scrub while on BP gel treatment.
  8. A pregnant woman should consult her doctor before using BP.
  9. Not a good choice acne treatment for dry skin.
  10. Don’t use Benzoyl peroxide if you are allergic to it.
Mistakes You Do While Using Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

In order to get fast result, using it too much or too often. More than recommended is going to burn your skin and leave a nasty mark that takes ages to fade. And frequent use can dry out your skin so much that your moisturiser can’t take care of it. Even putting anything near your face going to sting.

Putting BP gel for longer than recommended also burns the area that takes a longer time to heal. Of course, your acne going to diminish but at what cost? Remember one thing, acne heals faster and easier than a scar. Scar takes a month before they start to fade even with the most promising products.

Using it with other skin treatment can further irritate your skin.

Using scrubs while using BP gel. Your skin is already sensitive after peeling and using scrubs over it. That doesn’t seem wise to me. Irritating sensitive skin causes more breakouts than others.

Tips to Remember:
  1. Medical help is always advisable for cystic acne.
  2. Don’t self-medicate with oral antibiotics or highly concentrated topical treatments.
  3. Tropical treatments are something that is better to be applied sparsely.
  4. consistency is the key to getting results.
  5. Drink 7-8 glass water daily.

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