About Me

by Reshu

This is me, Reshu (Ray-shu not Re-shu), a researcher & readaholic who has a great interest in fitness & beauty. I started this blog as an expression of my thoughts and honesty. Sharing & writing gives me that sense of completeness. I find lots of satisfaction in learning complex things and making them simpler because simple things make more sense to me.

I move around a lot learning and getting better perspective of life. Recently living in Dubai with my husband and a dog (golden retriever) after living a better part in India.

I’m very passionate about women hygiene & well-being. I try to contribute and educate wherever i can. Apart from that, when I’m not writing or researching, i love painting and making things out of absolute crap.

If you would like to work with me, please use the contact me page. Maybe you can write for me on ThePinkNotion.

And, if you would like to connect with me then reach me on Subscribe to this blog on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date on Posts! Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+

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