About Me

by Reshu

Hi there, I am Reshu (Ray-shu not Re-shu), a researcher & readaholic who has a great interest in fitness & beauty. And writing gives me that sense of completeness.  At first, I intended to be a doctor but my heart was not ready to go through all the gory details of human anatomy. So, I went for other possibilities. And years later, I find myself working in a research institution. I find lots of satisfaction in learning complex things and making them simpler because simple things make more sense to me.

I started blogging as an expression of my thoughts and honesty. I’m very passionate about women hygiene & well-being. I have seen women suffering in silence just because they are too shy to talk about that. So, I started ‘Talk Women’ on this blog to give my two cents in hope to educate that it is okay to talk.

Apart from that, when I’m not writing or researching, you will find me gardening, travelling, photographing, painting and creating things out of absolute scrap.

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