6 self defence technique every women should know

6 Basic Self-Defense Technique Everyone Should Know

6 basic self defence technique every woman should know

The best self-defense is Prevention. Attackers, whatever their intention, look for an unsuspecting and vulnerable target. To be safe, follow the general safety rules like awareness to your surroundings, walking into a well-lit area, keeping your safety devices handy and varying your travel time and route.

Apart from prevention, sometimes you find yourself in a situation of confrontation where you really need to defend yourself. A situation like that demand ‘Hurt or get hurt’. And to hurt someone you need to know ahead of time how to defend yourself. Here is some basic but effective self-defense technique that can keep you safe.

1. Wrist holds escape

self defense technique

Find yourself in a situation where your attacker is holding you with your wrist. Don’t try to beat a wrist hold. Don’t try to pull away. You will only give that person advantage by hurting yourself. Instead, Rotate your wrist away from the palm of your attacker where his fingers meet his thumb. Now, Jerk sharply by bending your arm at the elbow.

2. Hit Knee-cap

Thrust the sole of your foot towards the knee cap of your attacker to incapacitate him/her.  Unlike the eyes and groin region where he/she can protect themselves, you have a better chance of escape with a good hit. Because even a mug can’t chase you down on one leg.

3. Hit the Nose

self defense technique

Smack your opponent nose with the upward palm hit. Breaking a nose this way is more painful.

4. Head Butt

self defense technique

Well! ever thought of going head to head with someone? No! then know how they do it.

Grab your opponent shirt’s collar or shoulder. Jerk back your head and butt forward onto your opponent’s head.  Just look at the ground while butting.

5. Elbow Strike

self defense technique

We all have elbowed before for many reasons than one- To get your friend’s attention, to awaken your bench partner or just to whisper a secret. But this time hit it like you mean it. Your elbow has more strength and force than your punch. Use it to hit your opponent face, head, and temple. A good strike to the temple can send your opponent into unconsciousness.

6. Hammer Fist

self defense technique

As the name suggested make a hammer of your hand by clenching your fist tightly. It’ll give more tension to your palm and weight to your punch. With hammer fist, blow your opponent ear by pulling him back with his hair and target the ear with your fist.  

self defense technique

You can also target your opponent neck and solar plexus with the hammer fist to knock the wind out of your opponent.

Tips to Remember:
  1. Fight dirty if in a confrontation.
  2. Aim for eye, nose, ear, neck, groin, knee and leg. They hurt more.
  3. Strike with a war-cry. It grabs attention and in result weakens your already afraid opponent.
  4. Instead of wasting your energy, conserve it to strike that ONE blow.
  5. Keep your Self-Defense devices handy when walking alone. 

‘Fight Dirty, and Fight with all that you have to live a new tomorrow’

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