5 Amazing Apps To Help You Stay Fit

Almost everything around you is going digital so why can not your health guide? There is so much you can do for yourself even if you can hardly keep up with your schedule. These health apps make it easy to learn about health and start targeting some goals that you can actually reach and stay fit.

1. iCare Health Monitor(BP & HR)

iCare health monitor app can measure blood pressure, heart rate, vision, hearing, autism spectrum test and breath rate only by using your phone. It is said to be the world 1st mobile app that can measure these bodily functions. Along with daily health news, it offers HIIT, abs, legs and butt workout for free. The good thing about this app is that it does not require any external device like smartwatches to count your steps.

It is an easy to use application. Just, login into an account and you can track the health of your family members. Instructions are given in the app on how to get started with the measurements. Like any other virtual application, this app also has minor accuracy errors but more or less a worthy health monitoring app.

You can download the app from Google play – iCare Health Monitor

2. Samsung Health

Samsung health provides some key features to keep your body fit and healthy. Indoor or outdoor, it will record your daily activities and habits to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can easily keep a tab on your food, water and caffeine intake with this easy to use the app. And the good thing about this app is that it has Indian food in its database to count the calorie.

This app lets you set targets to reach new milestones by tracking your daily activities. You can download the whole body workout programs with set goals and durations. Put your health data like blood pressure, blood glucose level manually to keep a check on how you are performing.

Challenge your friends into a run ‘together’ by signing in with Samsung account. It keeps a tab on the ranking too.

You can download this app from Google Play – Samsung Health 

3. Calorie Counter

Whether you are trying to lose weight or tone up your body for the summer, Calorie counter keeps a  track of your nutrition and your calorie intakes. Their database covers over 6 million foods for you to make healthier choices about the foods you eat. Calorie counter lets you customize your meal, set goals and helps you change your ‘not-so-healthy’ food habits. Moreover, you can add friends, join the health community and chart your progress over the time.

There is one more reason to love this app. It connects to your favourite apps and devices – including Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitness,  Withings, HealthKit, UA Record and many more.

You can download the app from Google play – Calorie Counter

4. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

Daily yoga offers more than 200 guided yoga, asana, pilates and meditation classes. It guides you through your journey from beginner to advanced yoga. This app not only helps you stay up to date with yoga but also provide you health benefits – body to soul. If you are focused on a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, here 20 yoga experts aim to make it easier & convenient to help you gain better results from yoga.

Daily yoga has scheduled plans for boot camp, body toning, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, menstruation, body detox, meditation etc. It is available in 7 languages. This app could have been amazing if it had more free features.

You can download the app from Google play – Daily Yoga

5. WebMD

This is not the usual app you use to keep running, jogging or dieting. Unlike the other apps, It helps you with your decision-making and health improvement efforts. WebMD has decision-support tools including Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings. This app is one of those essential apps you need on your mobiles. It can be your handy guide for medical emergencies -from insect bites to broken bones.

Loaded with extensive database, it contains helpful treatment tips that are available, even without an Internet connection. WebMD pill identifying tool can help you identify a drug just by the shape of it with much-needed information on uses, side effects and warning.

You can download the app from Google play – WebMD

Did I miss your favourite app? tell me your favourite in the comments below.

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