10 Things To Consider Before You Plan To Travel Alone


Even if you don’t know the local language and local route map, you can still travel safe and enjoy your vacations. No matter in what country you are – developing or developed, women who prioritize their safety first and take safety precaution, get the most out of their trip. And who do not want to? Vacations are for fun and not for looking over your shoulder now and then.

Here is some safety precaution every woman should consider before planning to travel alone.

1. Research your destination before hand. In between checking out the travel destination and coolest food courts, do research about the neighbourhood and reviews of that place.

2. Awareness to your surrounding can save you a lot of trouble. Get off your cell phone while walking alone. It can distract you or keep you unaware of the pick pocketers. Walk on footpaths, away from the roadside. 

3. The sixth sense is women’s biggest weapon but not all of us pay attention to it. Avoid a person or situation that doesn’t seem right to you. When you return to your car and it has a flat tire. Back away and find some security guard to fix it. And if some Van is parked next to your car in parking then use passenger side to get inside your car.

4. Self-Defence Devices should always be in your hand if you are walking alone or approaching a parking lot for your car. It is advised that you don’t walk alone in secluded areas.

5. Body Language can be your disguise if you are going alone into a new city. Don’t walk with your head in your map or appear nervous. It makes you an easy target.

6. Martial Art in self-defence classes is a must for women. Either learn real-life self-defence or teach yourself some technique from the internet to tackle an assault. If attacked, go for eyes first then groin.

7. Grab attention by shouting for help at the top of your lung if you feel threatened or attacked. Don’t feel shy about shouting because it can save your life.

8. Confidence is good but overconfidence can be harmful if you are unaware of the dangers that lurk in the dark. Don’t go alone to the late night parties even if most people are known to you. Pour your own drink and don’t leave it unattended. And if someone asks you to buy you a drink, politely say ‘ No ‘.

9. While Taking Cabs, take a picture of its number plate and send it to your family & friends make sure the driver is aware of your actions. This can ensure your safe trip during late night.

10.  While Checking in Hotel, if the front desk speaks your room number out loud, ask them to give you a new room with the number written on paper. Always lock your hotel room immediately after entering. Ask up front when you get a knock on the door.

11. In a case of a chase, run into the zig-zag manner and grab attention by shouting or honking continuously. Get to the nearest police station or public place. It will scare your attacker. make sure your doors and windows are locked the time you sit in your car.

12. Keep only valuable things with you and rest keep it locked in your room’s safe. Only go out with the essentials that you think you will need during the day.

13. Do not trust people quickly, even if they look friendly and polite to talk to. Do not share your phone number or hotel address with anyone.

14. Keep the photocopies of your documents in your safe in case you lost your purse. In an emergency, copies of your credit card and passport will ensure that you have something on your hand to go back home safely.

15. Let your family know of your travel plans in advance and keep them informed of your whereabout.

16. Do not post on social media as soon as you check into some place.

Tips to Remember:
  1. Stay with your friends, when going out to a party.
  2. Check for a hidden camera, while checking into a hotel room.
  3. Don’t update your social media when you arrive somewhere, Especially if you are travelling alone.
  4. Don’t share your details with your fast friends during your journey.
  5. When moving into new place check all its door and windows for safety.
  6. Avoid taking a cab alone at night.
  7. Keep your Safety devices up to your sleeves rather than your handbag.

 ‘Help is minutes away where seconds count; So, Stay alerted and be safe’


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