10 ancient advice that will make you a better person

10 Ancient Advices That Will Make You A Better Person

The only thing with good advice is to pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.

Advises pass from generation to generation and never seems to fade. What parent experience in their life, pass it on to their children and it goes on.


Call it a rule book or code of conduct, they hold the key to many answers in life.

  1. Dream because people don’t have much who don’t have a dream, to begin with. A dream is a dynamic force that lights your path when things are not right. So, dream big and live it like you dream it.
  2. Only you have the power to make and destroy yourself. Don’t think otherwise. Don’t blame other for what they have done to you. It is you who gave them the power.
  3. Don’t make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option. You are calling someone and the person is not responding time and again. Stop right now and walk away with your honour still intact because nobody is too busy to answer a text.
  4. Fail in life but don’t forget the lesson. People fail all the time. While some feels defeated and some cheated, great people, learn and move forward with a new purpose.
  5. Help people in their bad times. They will cherish you for life for your little act of kindness.  In return, you get the peace of mind that will find you solace in time of distress.
  6. Never let a little conflict injure a great friendship. We can have countless friends in life but good friends are irreplaceable and so is their friendship.
  7. Great love and great achievements come with great risk. When you live in your safe cocoon, don’t expect things to happen your way. Work for the things you really want in your life.
  8. Self-respect and respect for others make you a man of virtue. A great man knows how to defend his pride without disgracing the man in conflict.
  9. When in a dispute, fight fair but don’t call names. A situation like these marks your character. And by calling names, you lower yourself down.
  10. Always take responsibility for your action. And when you do take immediate action to correct it.
  11. Talk slowly but think quickly. Slow talking gives you time to process things. So, take your time and speak well.

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